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The Monster Filmmakers belief is that your song should be presented with passion, full creativity, and respect. It is your baby! 


Monster was created by musicians for musicians,  who are extremely experienced with the ever-changing industry and bring a new viewpoint on working with artists. Yes, someone gets you!


Whether you've got a vision for your next video or you are completely inexperienced in the process- we are here to guide you and offer our assistance. 


 Pre-production, location scouting, scriptwriting, directing, filming, manpower and full equipment, editing, color grading & more! 


Not sure where to start?  No problem! 

Leave your details in Contact and we'll take it from there. 




Monster Filmmakers was created in 2019 by two Partners with a  mutual vision to fill (and feel) the needs of musicians, artists, and the filmmakers' industry around the globe. Serving as an in-house and external production service provider. 

Since Jan 2021, Monster Filmmakers is managed by Neta Lee (AKA MAMA BEAR).

Monster Filmmakers works with service providers all over the world which allows you to have your video content produced by the very best for your project. 

Neta Lee
Chief Producer and Founder

Neta Lee was exposed to the arts of cinematography and music-making from a very young age. With vast experience in the music video business, customer relations abilities, and managerial qualities, she has become a top-notch producer. Over the years Neta Lee has gained a reputation for being extra active backstage on any set, taking on several roles to make sure each production will be successful. Nowadays, taking on even more roles as a cinematographer, director, and editor.

   She is also a Professional Makeup Artist and a musician, which contributes greatly to any production in progress.